Number of hours
6 hours

Workshop Description:
 This workshop aims to improve and develop the behavioral, social and interactive capabilities with customers in order to provide quality and distinguished customer service.  It also aims at gaining the customers’ confidence and encouraging them to repeat contact with employees or companies. These goals are achieved by introducing the types of customers, identifying distinct customer service elements and highlighting their importance. Customer service skills are developed in this workshop by using questionnaires, discussions, written questions, role-playing exercises and case studies, which are directed to raise the level of customer service that is provided face-to-face, over the phone or through electronic communication. Instructions are given to improve dealing with customers in general and in specific  handling the difficult ones.

Target audience:
Employees of any level in institutions, companies or organizations who deal directly with customers.  It is also beneficial for those who wish to improve communication skills in a work environment that deals directly or indirectly with the public.