Number of hours
20 Hours

Training Program Importance:
A job is the basic building block of any organization, regardless of the nature of the service or production it provides. Job descriptions are the cornerstone for performing most of the human resources management functions related to selection, appointment, performance evaluation, wage determination, training and development, transfer and promotion. The policy of selecting an employee to fill a specific job, for example, is based on determining the requirements for performing this job, the tasks and duties it contains, and the extent to which the applicant has the qualifications, skills, and abilities necessary to carry out its duties before making the decision to appoint.
This training program is designed for the need of both profit and non-profit organizations to manage their human resources Department , objectively , and within clear and fair scientific methods ,and standards, enabling these organizations and institutions to achieve their goals, attract their employees in a clear way and retain them for a longer period, and apply the comprehensive interrelated management approach in developing their HR resources  in order to achieve the goals of the organization and the goals of the human resources working in it on an equal footing.
Target groups For this Training Program:
• Managers and heads of human resources personnel, development and training departments staff,
Employees in the field of administrative development
• Personnel Staff and human resources personnel.