Furnished office, internet service, heating and air-conditioning service, men's bathroom + women's bathroom, cleaning service, secretarial services, self-service for hot drinks, use of a shared refrigerator and a shared microwave.

Links is located in Amman, Wasfi Al-Tal Street, Al-Hourani Commercial Complex, Building No. 154, 3rd Floor, Office 301 and 302

Saturday to Thursday (excluding official holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm

Yes. Opening on Fridays can be arranged in the case of conducting courses or workshops by the center or renting halls to hold courses. The hourly rate for Fridays is higher than hourly rate during week days.

Yes, it is possible to arrange a telephone consultation between the entity and the consultant so that the client sends the problem to be discussed and its documents, and the client transfers the value of the telephone consultation in advance.

Dr. Iftekhar Jadalla, who has extensive experience in this field

Experts in the field from the center’s advisory board

Dr. Hanan Halsa

Coach Manal Al Fityani

Yes, to register, follow the link in "Join Us" and you will be contacted if you receive your approval.

Yes we offer a variety of workshops, training programs and intensive, short and long courses in the areas of life skills, management, human resources and professional development

Yes, you can coordinate with the administrative assistant of the center on the following numbers:

0797847837, 0787057271

Before the date of the training course, the participant receives an email from the training center containing a link to access the training course as well as the student’s information for the course.

The monthly office rent starts from 230 dinars to 350 dinars, according to the office space and the duration of the lease.

Hall and meeting room fare:

The small hall fee, from 5 dinars to 7 dinars, per hour, according to the number of hours rented.

The rent of the large hall, from 7 dinars to 10 dinars, per hour, according to the number of hours rented.

The small hall can accommodate 10 people

The large hall can accommodate up to 21 people