Selat Company is distinguished by a team of experts with distinguished qualifications and experience in various fields of management, administration and human resources.  They represent the cornerstone in providing practical, effective and specialized consultations to the public and private sectors focusing on helping them reach their desired goals. These consultations include the following:

Strategic planning services:

  • Studying the current situation of the company
  • Preparing the initial plan and developing a detailed and accurate one.
  • Laying the foundations and principles of excellence that the company needs to abide by.
  • Providing the company with the required skills, through consultations or training.

Administrative and organizational structuring services:

  • Study and evaluate company’s current organizational structure and the governing conditions.
  • Study the current work plan and develop an organizational structure.
  • Update or create a new company profile.
  • In cooperation with the company update or create new policies and procedures.
  • Study and develop the company's basic responsibilities and tasks
  • Ensure audit of all human resources policies.
  • Develop job performance appraisal systems with KPIs
  • Improve training and development of employees’ skills
  • Job description and classification and preparation of job description cards for employees of the company or organization