Selat is keen on providing training packages that are intended to enhance different skills of employees and improve individual’s performance as well as increase the company’s rate of productivity. The skills learned through training programs make the workplace environment more engaging, more open to the exchange of ideas and more disciplined at the same time.

Life skills package

This package helps individuals and employees grow and excel in their careers as they acquire more skills in communicating, becoming more resilient, more creative, better public speakers, better decision makers and having improved skills in resolving conflicts.  This training helps individuals and companies become more empowered and productive.

School Skills Development Program

School Skills Development Program

We offer a customized program based on the needs of our customers.  We study the school challenges and design a special program to help overcome them whether these challenges are in the area of human resources, counseling staff, or relationship with parents.

Leadership Skills

This program focuses on managerial and supervisory skills. It is composed of 12 trainings that are designed to serve companies that want to function well and have all its operations run smoothly. Selat special program was developed with companies’ goals in mind.  It does not provide the theories only but also includes documenting applications to work experiences.

Customer Service and Communication Skills

Selat provides a package of five training courses for improving the skills of the employees who represent the company to the clients such as sales, secretaries and customer service agents. The program aims at having customer service staffs develop their skills from having the mindset of customer service to achieving customer service excellence.