Crises Management

This course aims at familiarizing participants with the concept of crises, as it is, in this critical period, a recurring phenomenon at various fields such as (economics, security, and social).  The course focuses on the strategies and methods of dealing with these crises and managing them to reduce their negative effects.  More specifically, the course provides participants with a definition of the concept of crisis, its basic features, causes, stages of development, stages of its management, and scientific methods for dealing with it.

Skills of preparing and writing administrative and technical reports

Course Description:
The program aims to provide participants with knowledge and applied skills in the field of preparing and drafting administrative and technical reports used in contemporary administrations.

Target Audience:
This course targets workers in administrative work, bureau staff, administrative affairs, secretaries, members and rapporteurs of committees and those interested.


Leadership Skills Development

Course Description:
This program aims to develop the leadership skills of the participants by enhancing self-confidence, linking relationships for success, and practicing leadership styles according to different life situations. In particular, it aims to enable participation to be able to:
•    build trust in order to participate.
•    achieve personal balance and time and attendance management.
•    know and practice different types of leadership.

Institutional Loyalty Skills and Public Job Ethics

Course Description:
This course provides participants with applied scientific and practical skills in the concept of institutional loyalty and contributing to building their capabilities in the process of building and strengthening loyalty in public institutions according to a scientific methodology, in addition to, strengthening the rules of ethical behavior.